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Service tree

Service tree (Speierling, Sorbus domestica L.)

The service tree is endangered nationwide. This assessment is based on the regionally limited distribution of the service tree and its occurrence in small to moderate proportions in oak forest communities, which are often replaced by beech in the course of close to nature forest management.

A total of 4,889 trees in 291 populations were identified. The main populations are in climatically favoured areas in the Tauber valley, in Lower and Middle Franconia, on the Kyffhäuser, in the Saale region, in the Upper Rhine Plain and in parts of the Moselle valley. Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria hosting half of all service trees.

In Germany, three gene centres were identified: in southern Germany and in central Germany, focusing on the Werra-Hainich region and Hainleite, and a West German gene centre with Saar-Nahe- Moselle populations.