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Glaserdkugel auf Moos

10th anniversary of the Nagoya Protocol

The agreement was intended to prevent biopiracy and ensure the equitable distribution of the benefits arising from the use of genetic resources. After 10 years it is time to take stock.




GenRes Gateway – an information portal for genetic resources

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The GenRes Gateway is a product of the EU-funded project GenRes Bridge and a joint initiative of the three European networks for plant, animal and forest genetic resources (ECPGR, EUFORGEN, ERFP). It helps users find relevant...

International Conference on Marine Protection in Antarctica

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At a high-level international conference on marine protection in the Antarctic the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture reaffirmed the government's position to establish a large marine reserve in the southern polar Weddell...

World Tuna Day of the United Nations

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World Tuna Day is observed globally on 2nd May every year. This day is established by the United Nations (UN) to raise awareness about the importance of tuna fish.

40 years of ECPGR – European cooperation for diversity and food security

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Since 1980, the European Cooperative Programme for Plant Genetic Resources (ECPGR) has been working to preserve Europe's crops for future generations. In doing so, ECPGR aims to ensure long-term conservation in gene banks (ex...

Extension of the application deadline in the federal program barn conversion planned

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It is expected that sow farmers will again be able to submit applications to the BLE as part of the federal barn conversion program starting in April. The new application deadline is planned for September 30, 2021.