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European Bird Cherry

European Bird Cherry (Prunus padus L.)

The European Bird Cherry is not endangered in Germany. Due to its natural distribution area, however, the tree species is rarer in some parts of Germany than in other parts.

European Bird Cherries, with more around 3.9 million individuals nationwide, are preferably located in riparian forests. Of these, over 1.3 million trees can be found in Lower Saxony and just under 900,000 in Saxony-Anhalt. Larger populations are located in the North German Plain, on the middle Elbe, in the Upper Rhine Plain, on the Danube and in the Lake Constance region.

The Weser region in East Friesland, the Elbe in Wendland, the Elbe-Havel area, the Upper Rhine Plain, the Bavarian Danube and the Lake Constance area can be regarded as gene centres.