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Elm species

Elm species

The three native elm species - elm (Ulmus glabra), Russian elm (Ulmus laevis) and European field elm (Ulmus minor) - are considered endangered throughout Germany. This assessment is primarily based on the effects of Dutch elm disease of elm and European field elms and on the extensive habitat loss in the area of the hardwood floodplains and wetlands for the Russian elm.

A total of 137,690 Russian elms were found in 825 populations. The centre of distribution is clearly in the north-east of Germany.

Approx. 232,690 trees in 1017 populations were found for elm. The main distribution is in the low mountain range. For the European field elms, approx. 321,572 trees in 463 populations were identified.

The main areas of distribution are the middle Elbe and the Saale as well as the Upper Rhine Plain. Cross-border gene centres of the three elm species were identified.