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German Genebank for Ornamentals

German Genebank for Ornamentals

With about 40,000 varieties, the number of ornamental plant assortments in Germany is enormous. This diversity is a living and valuable cultural heritage and an enrichment for home and garden.

In 2009, the German Genebank for Ornamentals was founded to ensure the varietal diversity of ornamental plants for the future. It consists of five networks. With the help of the German Genebank for Ornamentals, the diversity of ornamental plants should be collected, preserved and made available for use in breeding and research.

The following networks belong to the German Genebank for Ornamentals:

  •     German Genebank for Rhododendron
  •     German Genebank for Roses
  •     Genebank for generatively propagated ornamentals
  •     Genebank for vegetatively propagated ornamentals
  •     Network of plant collections

The German Genebank for Roses is coordinated by the EUROPA-Rosarium in Sangerhausen, while the Federal Plant Variety Office coordinates all other networks and is also responsible for the overall coordination of the German Genebank for Ornamentals. The advisory board of the German Genebank for Ornamentals provides scientific advice to the genebank. Data on ornamental plant accessions are available in the National Inventory on Plant Genetic Resources in Germany (PGRDEU).

The Federal Office for Agriculture and Food is partner of the German Genebank for Ornamentals and responsible for integration into national and international cooperation.